The Gold Standard of Garden City Park

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Point of Interest Photos from The Gold Standard’s Google Business Photo Shoot

The Gold Standard of Garden City Park is a Gold Buyer and Pawn Shop located in Long Island, New York. Come in and take a walk around inside their beautifully decorated store with Google Business View. The Gold Standard is a corporate owned chain of stores each with it’s own unique character. Each locations reminds one more of a family owned small business than a chain, and if you click through the virtual tours here on this website you will get a feel for how warm all their locations are. The Gold Standard added Google Business View to their Google+ Local Page as part of their internet advertising and marketing strategy to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

The Gold Standard recognizes that they way they have designed and decorated their locations is one of the best ways for them to show prospective customers that they are different from their competition. By walking through the Google Business View Virtual Tour, customers have the opportunity to view the business locations as if they were really there. This gives the Gold Standard an edge over all it’s competitors, and allows them to bring attention to important selling points that will get customers through the front door. Business Photos from Google provides marketers with a unique new twist on search engine marketing practices, allowing them to enhance the way a business listing appears across Google products.

Google Business View brings new attention to the Gold Standard when potential clients find them in a Google Search or on Google Maps by adding a new virtual tour and a set of professional business photos. For businesses that want to stand out among the competition, Google Business View is the newest and best way to differentiate your store in the sea of Google Search results. Maintaining a strong presence on Google is important to any business who’s first contact with a client happens through Google Search.

Google+ Local Page: The Gold Standard of Garden City Park

The Gold Standard of Garden City Park is located at the following address:
2299 Jericho Turnpike
Garden City Park, NY 11040
(516) 324-2828 ‎


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