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Interested in a Google Street View Virtual Tour for your business but not sure what it’s all about?

Take a look at our FAQ below and if you still have questions please call us at the number listed on our Contact Page and we’ll be sure to answer all your questions. You can also send us an Email

In addition to creating a beautiful Google Virtual Tour for your business, we offer the additional add-on items:

  • High Resolution Professionally Retouched Images of your Business Interior and Exterior
  • Corporate Head Shots and Group Shots
  • A professionally written press release which will be submitted to 2 online paid press release services. The goal here is to leverage your new presence on Google Street View, Google Maps, and Google Search for media publicity.

We have a strong background consisting of Business and Personal Photography, Marketing, and Web Design — so we are confident we can help your business strengthen it’s online identity across Google Products.  Black Paw Photo is the most experienced Google Trusted Photographer in the New York City area and has been working with Google on the Business View Project since it was first launched in January, 2011. If you’d like to find out more about who we are, see our About Us page.

Google Business View FAQ

What is Google Business View?

Google Business View is a new Premium Business Service directly from Google and is provided by Google Trusted Photographers. The service includes an interactive 360 degree Virtual Tour of your business and Professional High Resolution Photos. The Virtual Tour and Photos are published by your Google Trusted Photographer and will appear on your Google+ Local Page, Google Maps, and in Google Search Results. In addition, the Virtual Tour may be embedded on your business website. You own full commercial rights to all the Professional High Resolution Photos of your Business, which will be made available for you to download.

What are the Benefits of Adding Google Business View for My Business?

Where do you search when looking for something online? Chances are it’s on Google.

Your prospective customers are no different, and chances are the first place they’ll come in contact with your business will be through Google Search or on Google Maps. When they find you there, you’ll be on a page that includes your local competitors — so it’s important to utilize every tool available so that you stand out in search results an make the strongest possible first impression.

Google Business View is the first premium service available through Google and it gives Businesses a way to showcase one of their most unique aspects – their location.  It is a powerful internet Marketing and Advertising tool that will completely change the way your business interacts with customers on Google products and across the web.

Google Business View Provides Businesses with the Following Features and Advantages:

  • 360 degree Interactive Virtual Tour that appears on your Google+ Local Page, Google Search, and on Google Maps.
  • The Virtual Tour is fully Embeddable and you may place it on any page of your own website.
  • Your Google+ Local Page will be enhanced with new graphics that encourage customers to “see inside”.
  • Differentiates your listing in Google Search and Google Maps and makes your business stand out among competitors.
  • Increases the probability of click-through from Google Search results to your Google+ Local Page and Business Website.
  • (Optional) Professional Point of Interest Photographs added to your Google+ Local Page.  The images will also be visible in Google Search results and on Google Maps.
  • Your Point of Interest Photos will be made available for you to download in full resolution and you own full rights to these images.

Google Business View makes your listing stand out on Google by adding new features to your Google+Local Page, Google Search Results, and Google Maps:

How do I Get Google Business View for my Business?

You Contact Us, of course!

The only requirement is that you have a Google+ Local Page set up for your Business (see the FAQ item below if you don’t have a page yet).

How do I Create a Free Google+ Local Page for My Business?

It’s really easy!

Click here to read some info:

Click here if you’re ready to create your Google+ Local Business Page:

Note: You must be logged into your Google Account to create your Page

What can a Google+ Local Page Do for My Business?

A Google+ Local Page strengthens the impact and presence of a Business on Google. It provides clear, concise, information to prospective clients that find a Business through Google Search or Google Maps, and it allows a Business owner to provide customers with all the most important facts about their Business location. Business owners use Google+ Local Pages to make it easy for customers to find contact information, photographs, their Business website, and other pertinent information.

The majority of internet searches are conducted on Google, so it is important for a Business to present themselves in the best way possible across all of Google’s products and services. Google+ Local Pages are a free and easy way to insure that when customers find your business on Google, they’re getting all the right information.

How do I Embed Google Business View on My Website?

Skipping to 3:24 in our video below will start you off right where we go over how to embed your Google Virtual Tour:

What is a Google Trusted Photographer?

A Google Trusted Photographer is an independent professional photographer specially trained by Google to provide Google Business View to Businesses around the World. Google Trusted Photographers work directly with Google to publish your Virtual Tour and images on your Google+ Local Page, Google Maps, and Google Search. Orsi & Anthony from Black Paw Photo are Certified Google Trusted Photographers.