Google Views & Street View

Google Views & Photospheres are a brand new addition to Google Maps Street View. While they do not take the place of the standard Google Virtual Tours we provide, there are some unique aspects of Photospheres that will prove beneficial to business owners and real estate professionals.

Like Google Virtual Tours, Photospheres are completely embeddable on your business website. The imagery is higher in resolution and allows branding/copyright data to be included (look down in the park samples below!). This is a perfect way for a business to show off seasonal decorations, temporary configurations, or other single points of interest. We can even shoot one at a corporate event! In addition, if approved by Google – the Photospheres will be published live on Google Maps and be publicly viewable.

Unique Aspects of Google Photospheres for Business:

  • Photospheres can cover a single point of interest or be joined together to create a Virtual Tour.
  • Fully embeddable on your website and permanently hosted by Google.
  • Branding/Copyright graphics are permitted in the imagery.
  • Photospheres allow us to use High Resolution Images, showing greater detail than any other Google product.
  • Any Point of Interest may be photographed without restriction. People may also be included.
  • A great way to show off Seasonal Decor without modifying your existing Google Virtual Tour.

Below are 4 samples we created to showcase NEW Google Views. The top 2 samples are several Views connected to form Virtual Tours. The second 2 are single points of interest. For best results, view them in Full Screen by clicking the icon in the upper right of each window:

New York Cruises Inc. Party & Event Yacht – Full Virtual Tour in Google Views

Model Apartment at the Parker Towers in Queens, NYC – Full Virtual Tour in Google Views

Guastavino’s in Manhattan – Storefront view

Webster Hall NYC – View from the Balcony Level