JB Prince – Chef’s Tools and Equipment – NYC

Google Business View Virtual Tour of JB Prince Chef’s Tools in NYC

A Selection of Still Images from this NYC Google Business View Session

JB Prince is a New York City based supplier of Chef’s Tools and Equipment and conducts business internationally. While much of their business is accomplished through online ordering and shipping, JB Prince also maintains a beautiful retail showroom in Manhattan to serve local chefs and restaurant owners. Located on the 11th floor of 36 East 31st Street, a person walking by at street level has no way of telling that there is such a well stocked showroom 11 floors up. However, with Google Business View any potential customer that finds JB Prince via Google Search or Google Maps will now be able to see that they are more than just an internet based business. JB Prince is a well appointed, full service retail store as well; and serves the needs of their local chefs and restaurants with a large variety of items.
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