Google Business View Virtual Tour of JB Prince Chef’s Tools in NYC

A Selection of Still Images from this NYC Google Business View Session

JB Prince is a New York City based supplier of Chef’s Tools and Equipment and conducts business internationally. While much of their business is accomplished through online ordering and shipping, JB Prince also maintains a beautiful retail showroom in Manhattan to serve local chefs and restaurant owners. Located on the 11th floor of 36 East 31st Street, a person walking by at street level has no way of telling that there is such a well stocked showroom 11 floors up. However, with Google Business View any potential customer that finds JB Prince via Google Search or Google Maps will now be able to see that they are more than just an internet based business. JB Prince is a well appointed, full service retail store as well; and serves the needs of their local chefs and restaurants with a large variety of items.

Not having a street level store front is a problem that holds true for many Manhattan based businesses, and Google Business View is a powerful new way to let people know what they’ll find in the enormous skyscraper they are walking past. Over 90% of all internet searches are conducted on Google, and for this reason it is important to make sure customers have all the important information about your business before they click on to the next search result. Google Business View allows business owners to meet customers at the first point of contact — Google Search. For a business like JP Prince, nothing is more important than to let local search customers know that there is a showroom available that they can walk into to view and purchase products.

Internet advertising and marketing techniques are always changing and providing ways for small to mid sized companies to reach new customers. Google Business View is an interactive, cutting edge product that allows businesses in NY and NJ to interact with customers in a way they could not do before. Now viewable on Android mobile devices, business photos allows customers to see the inside of a business while they’re searching on the go. Showing new customers the inside of your business may make the difference between having them walk through your door, or continuing their search. Google Business View is a cost effective way to attract new customers that find your business through the most widely used search engine in the world!

Black Paw Photo provided JB Prince with a Google Business View virtual tour and a full set of still photographs for their Google+ Local Page and can provide your business with a professional set of photos. Just use the contact form to get a quote and set up an appointment.

Google+ Local Page: JB Prince

JB Prince is located at the following address:
36 East 31st Street, New York, NY 10016
(800) 473-0577‎