The Edge Fitness Club – Norwalk, CT

Google Business View Virtual Tour -The Edge Fitness Club in Norwalk, Connecticut

A Selection of Still Images from The Edge’s Google Business View Set

The Edge Fitness operates a chain of fitness centers across Connecticut and is the first fitness club in the NY, NJ, and CT area to add Google Business View to their Google+ Local page. Google Business View is a the latest feature added to Google+ Local, Google Maps, and Google Search and provides businesses with a powerful new Advertising and Marketing tool. The service includes a virtual tour as shown above, as well as a set of professional high resolution digital still images. The virtual tour is embeddable anywhere by simply copying and pasting the code in much the same way you would to embed a YouTube video, and can be placed anywhere on the company’s website.

Black Paw Photo provided The Edge Fitness with virtual tours and professional still images for all 7 of their locations in Connecticut (see bottom of page) and offers Google Business View service to business owners in the NY, NJ and CT areas.

Google Business View is a powerful internet marketing tool because it allows businesses to engage customers through Google products in a way that was not available in the past – via an interactive virtual tour. Since the majority of all internet searches occur on Google, it is important for a business to have the ability to differentiate themselves from their competition on first contact with a prospective customer. Google Business View gives business owners a way to do just that. Businesses which have added Google Business View will appear differently in regular Search and Maps Search Results with added graphics that encourage web searchers to take a look inside the business.

The virtual tour from Google Business View keeps customers engaged with an interesting multimedia experience and allows them to “walk” around inside a business location. In the case of Health & Fitness clubs, this allows prospective clients to get a view of the most important aspect of any fitness club – the amenities, environment, and type of equipment available. Google Business View gives a competitive advantage to business locations that are unique and allows customers to see details that cannot be easily described by words alone. It adds a stronger identity to brands and independent companies and strengthens the presence of a business on Google products and the internet.

Google+ Local Page: The Edge Fitness Club – Norwalk, CT

The Edge Fitness Club is located at the following address:
542 Westport Ave Norwalk, CT 06850‎
(203) 849-0166