See inside Avianne & Co. Jewelers with the Google Business View Virtual Tour shown above.

A Selection of Still Images from this NYC Google Business View Session

Avianne & Co. Jewelers, located in New York City’s Diamond District, has just added Google Business View to their Google+ Local listing to show off their retail space to customers around the world. Avianne & Co. has created custom pieces for big celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and one of our favorites – Cee Lo Green. With skilled craftsman and artists, Avianne will create just about any custom diamond piece you can imagine. Take a look around with the virtual tour and you’ll see that whether you’re looking for the best in contemporary diamond jewelry or the most lavish custom hip hop fashion piece, when it comes to diamonds – Avianne & Co has you covered (literally).

For a custom jewelry maker and dealer that does business internationally via an online store it is important to have a strong presence on Google. Many customers shopping online for expensive pieces never get a chance to visit Avianne & Co’s NYC showroom, and some don’t even realize that it exists. Adding the Google Business View virtual tour shows customers that not only does this online business have a strong product line, but there is also a brick and mortar walk-in showroom located in the heart of NYC’s diamond district. Knowing that there is a storefront location for an online jewelery dealer gives customers added confidence in making their purchase.

In the competitive industry of custom jewelry and diamond dealers, it is important to have every edge you can over your competition. Google Business View provides a way for Marketing and Advertising managers to give their business the most complete presence possible across all of Google’s products and services. When customers conduct an internet search, over 90% of them do so on Google. This means that for most businesses, the first point of contact with new potential customers will be via Google Search or Google Maps. For this reason, it is critical for businesses to make the strongest possible first impression by differentiating themselves from their competition.

Google Business View gives businesses a way to separate themselves from the competition by showing off what makes them unique with a virtual tour and professional still images of their storefront locations. In Google search results for “Diamond District Jewelers” many will appear in the list – but only a few will grab a customers attention by inviting them in to take a look around inside their stores. In the vast sea of search results it is important for a business to do everything they can to get a customer to click through and find out more about their company. Avianne & Co. Jewelers is a business that understands how powerful this service from Google is and how it can increase their click through rate in search results.

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Google+ Local Page: Avianne & Co. Diamond Jewelry

Avianne & Co Jewelers
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