The Gold Standard of Oakland Gardens

Google Business View Virtual Tour

The Gold Standard of Oakland Gardens is located in Queens, New York. The Gold Standard owns a chain of 12 stores in the New York – Long Island area and provides Gold Buying and Pawn Services to it’s clients. The Gold Standard chose to purchase Google Business View service for all of its storefront locations because of how valuable Business Photos is as an internet marketing tool for their company.

The Gold Standard prides itself on providing a clean, comfortable environment for clients to conduct business in and has found that first time visitors are always surprised by how beautiful their offices are. Recognizing this as a strong point in their advertising and marketing plan it was important for The Gold Standard to show off their interiors — and there was no better way to do this than with Google Business View. Business Photos are visible on The Gold Standard’s Google+ Local Page, as well as in Google Search Results and on Google Maps. When compared to similar businesses in their industry, having an enhanced look on Google Search products helps The Gold Standard stand out from their competition and increases the likelihood that customers will visit their website and walk into their stores.
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