Numero 28 Pizzeria – 2nd Avenue – NYC

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Numero 28 Pizzeria features the most authentic, well made made pizza you can find in New York City. It is made with only the freshest ingredients and hand crafted with traditional Italian mastery and love. Take a walk around and See Inside Numero 28 with their new Google Virtual Tour.

The following review from Zagat says it all: “Real Italians” are responsible for the “perfectly crisp”–crusted “rectangular” pies from wood-fired brick ovens at this pizzeria mini-chain; the “reasonable cost” pleases the wallet-consicous, while a general “nonchalant” attitude boosts the “authentic” dolce vita vibe…”

Highly recommended by Black Paw Photo! But don’t take our word for it, give them a try. When you walk in you’ll be welcomed by the pleasant staff, and your taste buds will be greeted by one of the best pizzas available in New York City! Absolutely delicious!!!

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Numero 28 Pizzeria is located at the following address:
176 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003‎
(212) 777-1555