Aroma Espresso Bar – Tribeca – New York City

Google Business View Virtual Tour – Aroma Espresso Bar – Financial District, NYC

A Selection of Still Images from this New York City Google Business Photo Shoot

Google Business View takes you inside Aroma Tribeca for a virtual tour of this coffee bar. This is Aroma’s newest Manhattan location and features an airy, welcome industrial design with plenty of seating for those looking to relax. Adding Google Business View helps Aroma Espresso solidify the brand identity it has worked so hard to achieve. With all the detail visible in the virtual tour combined and the fact that it is interactive, there is no better way for any company to visually bring their brand and location to life. Black Paw Photo is happy to say that Aroma Espresso Bar has hired us to provide coverage for 5 of their locations in the Northeast U.S!

Google+ Local Page: Aroma Espresso Bar – Financial District, NYC

Aroma Espresso Bar is located at the following address:
100 Church St
New York, NY 10007‎
(212) 346-0095